Testimonials Continued…

“I just wanted to let you know what has been going on with the critters since you spoke with them. Susie (dog) who kept butting in and proclaiming her love of carrots, is now getting carrots every day and loving them. The big difference I am noting is with Jack (cat). He is much calmer since you talked with him. Maybe I am making this up but he seems content now that he has said his piece and been heard… he is no longer acting so skittish and tense.”

Connie, CO

“Danielle, I cannot thank you enough. I was in awe of the whole experience and so grateful to be opened to it. They were very quiet and orderly, really for the first time ever, when I brought them in and then content is the only way I can phrase it as they were having their evening meal. We will do this communication again for sure.”

Catherine, NY

“The transformation that has occurred in my friends since you spoke to them is astounding!!! Does this look like three kitties who don’t get along? (Photo sent of all laying on the couch). I have honestly seen a tussle between them maybe twice.”

Paula, NY

“It was really refreshing to speak with you, and I feel like we’re able to understand our boys on a deeper level. After we spoke, Owen really seemed energized (which is unusual)… he was giving kisses to both AJ and me all afternoon. Before we left the dogs home alone this evening, I explained when we would be back and asked Batman to keep an eye on Owen for me… and there was NO barking after we left! Ahh, sweet silence!”

Kate, NY

“Danielle’s extraordinary gift of animal communication made it possible for Annie, my wonderful 14 year old cat and I to better understand each other and cope with her imminent passing. Knowing what Annie wanted and being able to provide those things for her as she neared the end of her earth-bound life brought us true comfort. Without Danielle, I would never have discovered the actual depth and purpose of Annie’s life in mine. Now that I know how important it is for our animal companions to be able to communicate with us, everyone gets to have their say.”

Linda, FL

“I was amazed to find out that being on another continent (in Europe) was no obstacle in Danielle communicating with my 2 cats. She handled all my questions one by one and gave the cats a chance to say what is on their mind. I am so impressed that I could hear my two cats’ different personalities in the transcribed conversation and I was also able to get some ideas on how to address my one cat’s anxiety about being taken to the vet- apparently he had thought that when he was put in his carrier box, he might be given away and never come home again!”

Joanna, Hungary

“The work you have done with Zoey must be making a HUGE difference, because she is like a different kitty! We switched the litter boxes around so that they can be accessed where she feels safe. We took the lids off and so far so good, she has been using the box! She seems much happier, and more social too, coming around us all the time, and even jumping into our laps when she wants to be pet! I can’t thank you enough for helping us to get our kitty back!”

Jen, NY

“I bought Gracie (cat) a harness, leash, bouncy toy, catnip and some new moist food to try. She also just went on her first walk in the backyard. She LOVED it! Let me put the harness right on her! I was shocked. Couldn’t find a big litter box so am gonna try a psudo litterbox without a cover. Found the litter u recommended too! Will talk to you soon! Update: I came home from work today and found the new litterbox used and the old box untouched! This is great! Thank you so much Danielle!!”

Tarah, NY

“Our conversation helped in so many ways. Most of what was being communicated was a confirmation of what I suspected. But I have also realized how much I color Honey’s life & self-image by what I say to her. My vocabulary & expressions were echoed back to me over & over again.

I was happy to learn her favorite color is pink, as I have a lot of pink for her. Knowing she sees herself as the big cheese made me smile too, she IS the big cheese! You might enjoy knowing that this morning she made a [toy] collection for me. I was sure to admire it and thank her for it, and notice her signature yawn! Thank you for the insight!”

Joan, NY