Barry and Tammy

We have been communicating with Danielle for a few years now. She always surprises us with additional details. We can never thank her enough for the peace that she has brought to our lives. We strongly recommend a reading with her. She has been blessed with a talent...


The transformation that has occurred in my friends since you spoke to them is astounding! Does this look like three kitties who don’t get along? (Photo sent of all laying on the couch). I have honestly seen a tussle between them maybe twice.


Danielle you are AMAZING! Thanks for the clearing work with Arizona (horse). She was much calmer the next day, more attached and focused on me than ever! I thank you so much for helping me get closer to her.


So Calvin has been A-OK with his fly mask again. When I come up to his head he no longer has the wild, frightened look in his eyes. He is back to normal!


Do people usually get that much out of a reading with you? I feel like the reading flowed so nicely… no pauses and not a lot of questions from you… just SO MUCH wonderful information from them!!! It was incredible!