“Thank you, Danielle! It was so amazing to connect with Yuko this way, and I was so impressed with how quickly and clearly you could translate. I very much appreciate your skills and kindness.”
Kathleen, CO

“Rowan, Cooper and I are doing well. Rowan and I have always been close but since our session he has been more of a cuddle bug (which I love!).  I’m so glad he told me about how the food he was eating was making him feel. I’ve since changed his diet and am already noticing a difference. Cooper and I have spent more time out on walks without his brother and I can tell how happy he is when we do that.  I truly feel like I have a much better understanding of how they are feeling and I think it’s helping us to find a rhythm that works for all of us.  I’ll reach out again in about 6 months for another session so I can check in with the boys. I appreciate you!”
Rizza, FL

“What a change in energy between me and my horse after our session with you, Danielle!  Both what I was able to hear, and how I was able to hear it through your kind and generous spirit, opened me to being a better partner to my horse.

Your translation of his pain points and challenges gave me the chance to help in ways I wouldn’t have known or suspected and we are both feeling the positive benefit on his well-being.

In truth, whatever channel of communication you opened between us has remained open.  I feel closer to understanding him, and know there is a new language between us.  I am so grateful for your beautiful energy and gifts.”

Corey, NY

“Farrah [dog] found the toy she was so concerned with and has carried it nearly everywhere (including to bed) since. She seems so happy to have it — I just can’t stop thinking about how I never would have known that was upsetting her had we not talked with you. It seems like such a minuscule thing, but it has so obviously meant so much to her to have it back, it has me wondering if part of it is just that she knows she can be heard in that way — sometimes that’s the validation we need huh? I talk to my animals all the time but it is SO helpful to have your help in translating/facilitating their responses. Truly life changing for them and for me!  I also enjoyed connecting with Marley [in spirit] as well. I feel like I can more readily notice when/where he’s with me now. It felt like connecting [with him during our phone session] last week helped me break down the very human barrier of grief I’ve put between myself and connecting with him.  Thank you as always for your amazing work!”

Sarah, CO

“Our Tyler [cat] has made great strides in improving his behavior.  We have used many of the suggestions you mentioned in our session.  There was a bit of time where he had reverted back to his old ways, but I had a conversation with him about it.  I told him it was up to him if he wanted to be happy or nasty.  I said I hoped he would choose to be happy and he did.  Our conversation between the three of us was so very helpful. I only wish I had done it sooner, but nevertheless, I’m glad I did.  Glad?  Ha!  More than glad.  It has made a world of difference!”

Debbie, NV

“I just wanted to tell you how helpful your reading was with Doc, my horse. As horses are very expensive to keep and maintain, I was saddened when I decided not to ride him anymore, and even more sad when I thought he didn’t even like me.  The day after the reading I went to say hi to him on my break. He was waiting for me when I got there and walked right up to the fence to spend time with me. He has been so much more loving and interested in me. I was upset the other day and he even put his chin on my shoulder and his warm breath was very soothing. He’s even more gentle when he takes treats from me. He licked my right hand for a full 5 minutes today. He’s never done that before!  I feel a strong and new connection with him, and I love it!  Thank you for pursuing what you should be doing. I think your gift is amazing.”

Jen, CO

“Hi Danielle!  Sophie Dog and I are good.  I think Sophie has found her peace with Frankie’s passing that she spoke of the last call we had as she will now come into the living room where he died, which she wouldn’t do for a few days. I cannot find a trace of grief, considering I had dreaded the day he would leave, I’m amazed I feel so good…it was a clean farewell and all I feel is tremendously proud of him. Thanks to you, he got to choose what he wanted, which was to live his life to the end and leave this world unassisted and I could give him the respect and space to do that.  Thank you again, we couldn’t have done it without you.”
Zoey, Tasmania

“I just wanted to update you on the rehoming of Trampers [the cat] on Friday. Her new home is truly her dream come true: a young family of 3 (a couple and their 2-year-old daughter, who greeted Trampers when we walked in the door by waving a toy on a string and yelling “Kitty Kitty Kitty!!!!”). The new Mom and Dad  were all down on the floor, doting on her and petting her from head to tail. I barely had time to tell them that she’s been through a traumatic few weeks and may take a while to warm up…and then she totally proved me wrong. She let them pick her up, pet her all over, in every direction, and all the while she was purring, kneading her little kitty paws, and head butting them for even more love. She even started following the 2-year-old around and rubbing up against her.

The new Mommy and I started to cry at how sweet and perfect a fit it was. The new Daddy snapped photos and took lots of videos, all of which were texted to me by the time I got home so I could show my brother. We both feel so great about this transition. Trampers is a wonderful kitty, so loving, and we will miss her. But we know she is in the exact place she was always meant to be, and we couldn’t be happier about that. Like my brother said, “It’s like she’s been there forever.”

The things she asked for in the reading…all were given to her within the first 10 minutes: treats, being allowed up on the furniture, and they told her she would be sleeping in bed with them.  I received pictures the next morning of her in “her favorite place”, lounging in the covers at the foot of the bed and being loved. She is the queen of the house and the new best friend to 3 wonderful humans.

Danielle, I truly feel that this never would have happened without you. I would never have known what Trampers was dying for, truly longing for in her heart. I would never have had the courage to look for those things or to trust that it was the right thing to do. Trampers was on the verge of turning feral and losing everything, love, shelter, food, safety. But now, she has everything she ever dreamed of, and (I think) even more. We owe you great thanks for the part you have played in this victory of love.

Direct quote that I received from the new Daddy on my way home Friday night:
“You have no idea of the joy that you just dropped off to our family. We absolutely love her!!!”

Cris, NY

“My husband and I asked Danielle to communicate with our sweet Brussels Griffon, Mandolin, when we lost our beloved Shitzu, Banjo. Not only was Danielle able to tune into Mandolin quickly, she was also able to reach Banjo. Using her amazing gift, we were able to hear that Mandolin misses her big brother dearly, but is stronger than we may think. Her excessive barking since Banjo’s passing was a result of her taking on his job as guard dog in the home. Danielle was able to help us to communicate our wants and needs with the barking. Since then, Mandy has been much calmer and is not barking nearly as much. We also found out that she enjoys having Dog Tv on when she is alone and that the little cloth toys she has given her comfort, as well as Banjo’s bed.

Mandolin has some health problems and through Danielle’s gift we found out that Mandolin is not worried about her physical body. She feels fine and is very optimistic about her future. In her words she just wants to be loved and to see the world. Oh, and she also just wants to eat what she wants! With Danielle’s help we were able to make some small dietary changes that have made her happy about eating again.

Danielle’s reading made us feel even closer to our Mandolin and gave us peace about our sweet Banjo. At one time during the reading Mandy began to pant and told Danielle that she was so relieved to have things out in the open.  We feel so fortunate to have found Danielle. She is the real deal.”

Betsy, WY

“Coco is doing a lot better and I’d say she is back to her old self. The information from our session was so useful. I brought it to the holistic vet and she confirmed it and proceeded to act on it. In fact, we just had a 2 week follow up with her last week and while she still has some dampness in her body and is a picky eater (unusual for a beagle) the doctor has a plan to help Coco clear up the dampness. I have been telling many people how helpful you were.”
Debra, CA

“Do people usually get that much out of a reading with you??? I feel like the reading flowed so nicely… no pauses and not a lot of questions from you… just SO MUCH wonderful information from them!!! It was incredible!!!  As far as the messages from Spirit Jake.. they simply make my heart sing! I was crying tears of joy when I hung up the phone with you. Just to know that he is around and is getting enjoyment from watching our “fiasco” brings me so much comfort and joy!”
Sherri, NY

“The next time we adopt a new pet, the first thing I am going to do is call Danielle!  We recently adopted another awesome black cat (or rather he adopted us!), Antonio.  Our older cat, Joey, has been having trouble adjusting. I had tried another animal communicator and it wasn’t a positive experience, so I was uncertain, but Danielle was referred by a local holistic vet, so I was willing to give her a try.  I wanted to cry after our first phone conversation because I was at my wit’s end and she provided valuable insight how to best support Joey and Antonio.

Her insights were more valuable than the animal behaviorist we hired to help with integration. Although she asks for details about what is going on in the household, she was able to tell me things about the boys she could not have known.  We saw improvements as we have implemented her suggestions and will continue to work with her.  She is truly a gifted animal communicator and someone who is now a part of our healthy pet plan!”

Julie, NC

“I have got to say I am amazed. I did not expect to see a change in Charlie just yet, but starting with the very first time after our reading Charlie has been AMAZING outside. He started barking once last night and all I had to do was go closer to him and say “Charlie, what did we talk about” he stopped immediately!! Every single time we go outside he is now quiet. Of course he gets praised to high heaven afterwards, and he eats that up. THANK YOU. I have not tried leaving him yet, but I will be sure to talk to him before I go and hopefully it will be ok. When hubby left for work last night, Charlie usually freaks out even tho I am home still, last night not even a whimper.”

“Danielle came to visit with me, Honey, Ish and Rita (my three doggy kids) during a dark time. Honey had been diagnosed with Lymphoma and I had started getting her treated with a chemo regiment. Danielle was able to with great warmth, humor, and insight express what Honey was feeling about her health and treatment. She also was able to directly tell me about the conflict between Ish and Rita, and to size them up both perfectly. Things that she said were amazing and mind blowing as she spoke of things that only me, Honey, Ish and Rita would know. I would strongly recommend her to any animal parent who really wants to know what is going on in their little fur child’s head and heart, and to give all peace of mind!”
Bernadine, CO

“I have been working with Danielle for 2 1/2 years now.  I currently have 1 dog and 5 cats.  Three of my cats are outdoor feral cats along with 2 rescued indoor boys.  You can imagine with 6 animals, there is always something that needs direction, clarity or help!  Danielle has been amazing.  She has helped me gain understanding of the feral cats that has greatly deepened our relationship.  Last year when I brought a stray cat into the house, it was quite a challenge.  Danielle helped my 2 cats work through some territory issues that allowed them to coexist in my home.  With our dog, she has helped us both to deal with a chronic urinary tract infection that has plagued her for years.

Through Danielle’s help, I am able to provide our dog extra nutritional support, alternative healing techniques and a deeper understand and connection.  I always feel such a sense of peace after a session with Danielle.  She allows me to keep pushing forward when working with challenging animals and to always know there is hope.  I can honestly say that the relationships I have with all 6 of my animals has blossomed and deepened through the work with Danielle.  I am always amazed at the accuracy of each and every reading.  I find new information about my animals with each session.  Thank you so much Danielle for sharing your amazing talent!”

Ann, OH

“I am so appreciative of my family’s session with you, Danielle!  Not a day goes by that we don’t think of the things we learned through you, and treat Kirby and Sapphire a little differently because of it. In fact, I’d say we think of those things many times a day, every time we interact with them!  Besides the helpful information, there is something about your manner that made it so fun and brings a warm, loving tone as we dote on Kirby and Sapphire and notice their personalities, what they want and why they do things, in the ways you helped us understand.”
Julie, AZ

“Danielle, there is a changing tonight. Kristina (chihuahua) walked to the bedroom nicely all by herself. In fact she was the first one (of multiple dogs) who was waiting by the door. I wish I have video for you to watch as it’s just so cute to see her running with others, being part of the pack for a change instead of me carrying her in my arms. I have called her name to come off her day bed and told her to start walking up the staircases. It’s just amazing how you can help to turn the situation around.”
Ophelia, UK

“I just can’t say “THANK YOU” enough for your helping me with my passed pet TT. Now most importantly is Buddy and I can’t even put into words my thanks for your help with him. The first night was AWESOME! He (cat) only talked once in the morning… NOT ALL night like he usually did. I now understand why he did this and have assured him he’s now in his “FOREVER” home. I will be looking for the supplements he needs to make him better, physically, and will work on his emotional issue. I do see so much progress that I can’t even believe it. I look forward to another session in the very near future. Thanks again Danielle!!”
Donna, NY

“I am so pleased with your communication with my dogs, Danielle. You probably get this a lot but you could not have been more accurate. You got everyone’s personality to a tee. Currently, I have six more dogs and three cats here so when I need assistance I will be calling on you again. Thank you so much.”
Barbara, FL

“Danielle you are AMAZING!!!! Thank you so much for the work you have done with Shiloh and Arizona (horses)! Thanks also for the clearings with Arizona. She was much calmer the next day. She is more attached and focused on me than ever!  I thank you so much for helping me get closer to them. My friend Danielle and I do the access clearings and I think it is a wonderful thing you do helping our friends release what is going on with them. I LOVED connecting with my horses! Thanks again!”
Renee, NJ

“Seeing changes in her already! My son came home from school and she [nervous foster dog] growled once and I stood in front of her and then she just watched him. My husband came home and she growled cause she didn’t hear him so she sniffed him and walked back to me. 15 minutes later he yells to me cause she was on the couch…leaning on his arm! Thank you so much for helping. It would have taken me months to accomplish what you did today!!”
Gina, Dog Trainer in NY

“I cannot thank you enough for our reading [with our 2 passed dogs].  We were in tears for most of the session, there were things you relayed that Montana said that only he could’ve known, keywords and nicknames that I never mentioned to you. Your translation of their words has brought us great joy and peace. We are both amazed at how drained and exhausted we feel, but also at the sense of relief to know that our boys believe we did everything we could for them and that they are together, happy, and at peace. What you do is amazing and we will never be able to thank you enough.”
Wendy and Dave, NY

“As I mentioned in my previous email, I can even see how our relationship has changed. I now look at him Kole (horse) as he truly is – an infinite being.  We are much closer, and the bond between us is so strong.  This is the type of relationship I have always dreamed of having with my horse.  As for his feet, I can walk right up to him and he calmly lets me pick them up and clean them.  In the past this was such a struggle, I had to entice him with treats, have someone help hold him, and even then there were many days he was too upset to let me near his feet.  The difference is amazing!  Kole and I are playing more, having fun, and are truly enjoying our relationship.”
Danielle, NJ

“The change in Aldo since you did the energy work has been wonderful! He has a lot of energy, a very positive attitude. I think it helped to clear a lot of the negative thinking that had built up around his condition. Now he has been more capable and strong. Since the energy work, it just seems like the trajectory of healing is up again!”
Naomi, NY

“Thank you so much for all of your help. Elsa has definitely been showing signs of improvement in behavior since our session. She is such a wonderful animal, and connecting with her has helped us to see eye to eye. Bandit also has been doing great, and his back right hock is in fact sore. We are having a chiropractor out this week to adjust him and stretch his hocks. Thank you so much for your insight, you have a wonderful gift.”
Amanda, NY

“Hi Danielle! So Calvin has been A-OK with his fly mask again. When I come up to his head he no longer has the wild, frightened look in his eyes. He is completely calm and at ease with what I’m doing – back to normal!! Thank you so much for helping us as well as for a really enlightening session.”
Kris, NJ

“I wanted to tell you that Princess passed on Wednesday evening. Although I miss her terribly, I cannot thank you enough for the peace and serenity you brought with your visit. Everyone around me has said how proud they are of me and noticed how well I handled the entire turn of events. For that I want to thank you, because without your visit I wouldn’t have been nearly as prepared as I was. I have profound respect, appreciation and love for what you brought to our household. Thank you so much.”
Jocelyn, NY

“I just wanted to express my gratitude once again for your gift. Our session has brought me so much peace and comfort at this difficult time. It has answered some much needed questions, as well as confirmed that my precious girl is well and that she knows how much she is loved. Thank you again for bridging the gap between the physical and the spiritual to help bring comfort and healing. May God continue to bless you and yours.”
Kim, PA

“I greatly appreciate your ability. I received very detailed, accurate and specific information regarding my sheep and horse. I now understand so much more about my pets as well as the cause behind what I thought was a behavioral problem. As a result of our conversation, I feel an even deeper bond and love for my animals.”
Joyce, NY

“Thank you again for talking with Scarlet, my recently rescued horse. I understand her so much better now and have a grasp on what she needs and doesn’t (no lunging)! Lol!  You nailed everything I already knew about her and opened my eyes to things I didn’t. It’s funny because I was sure she must have been abused somewhere along the way and she put my mind at rest about that, which makes my dealing with her much easier. And the name thing, too, I have to tell you the first day I saw her and we were thinking of names, Princess is what popped into my head, which is what she told you! That may not be her exact name, but I got that, too!  I also wanted to tell you when I went to bring her in last night for dinner, she was standing right by the fence with the others and didn’t give us a hard time at all! Totally cool!! Thank you!”
Beth, NJ

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