Our Privacy Policy
By engaging in our services and products, you acknowledge and agree to this Privacy Policy.

This policy aims to make you aware of what personal data is collected, how/why it is used, and how you can opt-out at any time. This policy is provided to reassure you that we take your privacy seriously and aim to be in compliance with GDPR, the General Data Protection Regulation that went into effect for all businesses (who engage with EU/European based folks) around the world on May 25, 2018. 


Last Updated: May 25, 2018


We respect your privacy and are committed to protecting it as you use our products and services. The purpose of this policy is to inform you how we may collect and use your information in order to be GDPR compliant.  We have the utmost respect for our clients and want you to know we’ve got your back in keeping your personal data safe.

This privacy policy applies to Insight with Animals LLC and the following websites: www.insightwithanimals.com, www.insightswithanimals.com, www.learntotalkwithanimals.com and www.whitelightconnection.com. This privacy policy also applies to mobile applications and desktop clients and is applicable worldwide.

This policy outlines our handling practices and how we collect and use the Personal Data you provide during your online and offline interactions with us. As used in this Privacy Policy, ”Personal Data“ means any information that can be used to individually identify a person, and may include, but is not limited to, name, email address, phone number, postal or other physical address, title, and other personally identifiable information. This policy and all its aspects may be amended at any time, at our sole discretion. The most current policy is available on our websites at all times.

The terms services and products mean the hired, purchased, requested or delivered work of us, verbally offered sessions or work, mp3 audios, online or phone based digital training or classes. Understand that there are no physical components to our products at this time.


What Information do we collect?

In general, we rarely retain anything more than a client’s name, email, phone number, your pet’s photos and time zone or state/country in most cases.  With that said, we may collect some or all of the following categories of Personal Data about you when you use or otherwise interact with us and/or our products:

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Home/work/mobile telephone number
  • Postal or other physical address and/or time zone
  • Facebook public information (this occurs only when you use Facebook to log-in to our services or products)
  • IP addresses as collected by Google Analytics
  • Cookies (to help you navigate our website better)
  • Device (computer, laptop, etc.) identifiers, as observed by Google Analytics


How do we collect you personal data?

We collect and/or process your Personal Data in connection with the any of the below 3 activities:


  1.  You may voluntarily submit it…
  • To our website through a contact form
  • Through an opt-in newsletter subscription box
  • When booking/purchasing/using a session, product or service
  • Via facebook if you ‘friend’ or facebook chat with us in a conversation (Clients do this sometimes for the purpose of booking a session)
  • Via email through conversation (Such as when you provide your information so you can book a session)
  • In person such as via a physical sign up sheet, raffle, etc. at events, classes or in person sessions
  • When you purchase a session for another or are a recipient of a session
  • When requesting service and support for our products/services
  • Placing transactions or orders
  • Registering to attend a class or event online, by phone or in person
  • Participating in an online survey
  • Billing and collecting payments for our products
  • Participating in discussion groups online, blogs, forums  (you control what is shared and written)


2.  You may submit your personal data to other third party sources that we use including…

  • We use paypal for ecommerce. Paypal transfers your name, email, phone number and mailing address so we can contact you and fulfill your purchase request. No credit/debit card numbers are revealed to us by paypal however (thus keeping your number more secure).
  • We use acuity scheduling (a third party online scheduling system) to collect personal data via a form you fill out. This provides us with your contact information that we need to meet up with you via email, phone, skype and/or in person in order to provide our services and products to you
  • We use mail chimp and get response to collect the emails of those who opt in to receive our e-newsletters, engage in communication and provide announcements of products and services.
  • By engaging with us in conversation such as via survey monkey or via email or through social media like facebook. 


3.  We may automatically collect the following data about you and/or your device as you browse our website…

  • When on our website, we may log your IP address, operating system type, browser type, referring website, pages view, links clicked on and/or date/times accessed. This information is observed for the purpose of knowing what interests our users so we can provide the best service and products relative to our niche. Google Analytics is one of the third parties that helps us in our collection of our IP address data. This helps us know what pages and key tag words those using our website are most interested in so we can better provide applicable services and products.
  • Cookies



How and for what purpose is the personal data used?

  • For contact, transaction and delivery of products and services
  • For marketing, promotional and advertising purposes
  • To collect and process analytical data that better helps us provide relevant services and products to those who visit our website
  • Cookies: We may collect and log information using cookies. These are small data files stored on your browser by the website. We may use session cookies (which expire when you close your browser) and persistent cookies, which stay on your browser until deleted, to provide you a more customized experience on our website.



How do we store your data?

  • Via third parties like mailchimp, getresponse, acuity scheduler, google analytics
  • WordPress
  • In a file and/or computer memory stick as backup, (in case of web or computer failure) 



How long is it stored?

  • Your personal data is stored until we delete it, no longer have a use for it or at your request to have it removed 



How is my information used with third parties?

  • We may share your information with third parties but only when you clearly authorize us to do so.
    (For example: When you ask us to process a credit card payment over the phone on your behalf. This might happen if you are unable to navigate paypal yourself.  The card number is never retained beyond the moment of your transaction by us unless you specifically request we do so.)
  • Understand that the third parties we engage in to make our website function, like paypal, do share your personal data (that they collect from you when you give it to them) with us. They never give us your credit card number but do relay your name, address, phone number and email so we can deliver our services/products to you.  We need to know who purchased what– in order to deliver.
  • We do not sell, share nor trade your personal data with third parties outside of the basic functioning of our website and provider of services/products.   



YOUR RIGHTS: You have the right to opt out of our collection, storage and processing of your personal data and information at any time.

If I want to opt-out, how do I do that?

Easily! If you want to have your information amended, removed or forgotten by us, simply contact us via one of the methods below with your specific request. You can also request that we access and send you the information we have collected about you at anytime. Just contact us through one of the methods below:


Email us a insightwithanimals@hotmail.com


Reach us through our contact form via our www.insightwithanimals.com website


Also know that you can opt-out of just e-newsletters, via the links provided in the newsletter itself or upon request. (Opt-in options via easy clickable opt-in and opt-out procedures are provided.) 

Please understand that we may need to retain certain information for record/tax/bookkeeping purposes (such as your name, when and what you purchased from us)— or when required by law.


Children and Age Restrictions

If you are 16 years or older, you are permitted to purchase and engage in our services and products. If you are under the age or 16 years, you must have parental consent when working with us (out of respect for the acquiring and processing of your personal data).

Know that we never intend to collect personal data of anyone under the age of 16 years old. In engaging in any way with us, our products and/or services, you acknowledge in advance that you are older than 16 years of age.

If you are concerned a person under this age has information on file with us, please email us at insightwithanimals@hotmail.com and we will delete all such information found.


Sensitive Personal Information

At no time should you submit sensitive information to our us or our websites. This includes your social security number, ethnic or racial information, religious beliefs, political preferences, criminal record, health status or other sensitive details. We never ask for such information. Please see what we do or may collect at the start of this policy.


Contact Us

Questions? Email us at Insightwithanimals@hotmail.com or via our contact form.