Dear Animal Rescue, 

Thank you for your interest in speaking with one or more of your rescue’s animals in a 30 minute session.  Generally, up to 1-2 animals can be spoken with during this time.

I am happy to offer your nonprofit a discounted rate of $35 for a session of up to 30 minutes.  (Note:  The rescue rate increased to $35.00 for a 30 minute session for nonprofits on 12/1/23.)

Rescue Rate Parameters and Policy: 
 The rescue rate is for animals that are in a foster/ shelter/rescue’s care where the foster animal needs support because of some issue going on with them and the animal is between homes. For example, perhaps the animal is having issues adjusting, acting fearful or there is some other behaviors at hand, mild or more.  The discount is in place to support the foster pet or shelter caregivers make sense of what’s going on in an effort to (ideally at some point) help the animal potentially be better ready for an adoptive home outside of the foster/shelter, care.

I’ve gotten some inquiries from folks requesting the rescue rate indicating they are a foster person planning on adopting their foster pet and they ‘just want to check in’ with them first.  Please understand that this scenario falls under my regular rates as it’s really a personal session with their new future dog and is not there to directly support a struggling animal or struggling foster/rescue with that animal.  I realize it’s a fine line, but in order to keep the discount in place at all, I need to clarify.

If you’re not sure if your scenario applies, please email me.


How to Schedule:

STEP 1:  Book using the online scheduler below.  Follow all prompts and look for a confirmation email afterwards to verify your booking ‘saved’.

STEP 2:  The scheduler will give you the option to pay either now or later and while I can’t change this setting behind the scenes, please do pay right after you book.  You will need to  return to this page after you schedule.  Then use the Paypal button at page’s bottom.

STEP 2       Submit $35.00 by clicking the paypal button below.