Can We Talk With Multiple Animals In A Session?

Yes!  Multiple animals can be included into a single phone session.

What Types of Animals Do you Work With?

Danielle works with animals of all species for clients across the USA and beyond.  This includes dogs, cats, horses, birds, guinea pigs, reptiles, wild animals and more.

How Long Have You Been An Animal Communicator?

I’ve been communicating for clients professionally since 2006. I’ve been teaching animal communication classes to others since 2008.  I do this work full time at present.

Do You Talk With Deceased Animals Too?

Yes!  All the time!

Does My Animal Have To Be With Me During The Session?

Nope!  Your animal can be located anywhere at the time of our session– it does not make a difference.  You can be home and your horse can be out in the barn, for example.  Just let your animal to do their normal routine.

Is It Better To Have An In-Person Or A Phone Session?

One is not any better than the other!  An in person session and phone session will actually reveal the same information.  This is because animal communication is telepathy-based and not based on seeing an animal in the flesh nor even a certain behavior.  Telepathy is a language that goes deeper than than the physical realm.  It is thought to thought transfer which can occur at any distance.

I only offers phone and skype sessions as this time.  Please see my testimonials page where 99% of those there is feedback from clients who have worked with my by phone.

Do I Need To Hold The Phone Up To My Pet?

Nope!  Danielle is communicating with your animal telepathically (mind to mind/heart to heart) so it does not matter if the animal hears Danielle’s voice or not.

How Do You Know What My Pet Is Thinking?

Danielle is skilled and practiced at becoming inwardly silent.  This internal stillness opens a space for her to tune into (through a photo) and connect with a specific animal.  She then begins a two way conversation and receives their thoughts, feelings, words and mental images.  Danielle interprets the information by relaying it to you out loud.  In a nut shell, Danielle is a translator of the telepathic information.

What if I'm Skeptical That Animals Talk?

If you are new to animal communication, it’s okay to be curious in wondering if animals have the ability to think!  It’s ALSO okay to be curious if animals can communicate their thoughts telepathically!  (which beings actually all do when they think, whether they consciously realize it or not!)

What matters is if you are open to the possibility to this work.   Here’s why:  Telepathy is an energy based language, like all intuitive work is.  It is based on the high vibrational energies of  openness, honesty and truth.  The more oppeness and willingness that a client, animal and communicator all bring to the session– the stronger and clearer the communication channel tends to be for all involved— because all 3 involved are bringing forth the same (higher vibrational) energy.

When a client brings brings little more than a  “prove it to me” attitude to the call,  this energy can sometimes contradict the energy of openess that the animal and communicator naturally bring in.

My advice?  Get honest with yourself on if you are open to the possibility that animals have the ability to think.  Then get honest on if you’re willing to believe their are ways beyond physical speech that can allow our animal friends to communicate with us. If you intuitively feel open to both ideas, you’re ready to approach an animal communication session!

Will I Recognize My Pet During the Session?

Yes! Clients tend to recognize their pet’s personality and/or specific information they offer.  Other people say their responses based on their behavior ‘make sense’.  Danielle may take a couple minutes at the start of your call getting to know your animal.  This helps establish trust and rapport and is sometimes an appropriate step prior to diving into your questions.

Are You A Veterinarian?

Danielle Tremblay is not a veterinarian and does not diagnose, treat or prescribe for any animal.  Understand that animal communication is never a replacement for veterinary care.

Getting information from your pet on their symptoms, how they feel in specific body areas and their input on certain body systems (digestive, circulatory, etc) that they feel out of balance in, can sometimes be helpful to vets.  Let your vets know what your animal said— so they can take it into consideration when exploring your pet’s health.

How to Get the Most out of Your Session:

1.  Bring your questions live to the call. No question is too big or small!

2.  You are encouraged to be an active (speaking) and not silent participant.  This is not designed to be a one sided reading where Danielle does all the talking.  Danielle serves by translating your questions, comments and replies between you and your pet.  Having you comment and reply back to your pet, allows your pet to feel your active involvement in the discussion. This time is all about you and them and I encourage you to make the most of it.  It’s a special time.

3.  Danielle may help you ask better or additional questions if that feels right, especially when exploring problem solving.

4.  Do ask ‘to the point’  clear questions vs. ambiguous or cryptic ones. An open, honest and direct line of discussion demonstrates partnership between you and your pet.  If Danielle is unclear about your question, she’ll ask you for clarity.

5.  Understand that general questions lead to a general session.  Specific questions lead to more specific responses from your pet.  Asking  “How are you?” is a general question while “How are you doing following your leg surgery last month?” is an excellent, more specific question.  The latter is also more likely to yield a thorough response from your pet.

6. Book enough time.  Time flies and responses from animals are rarely one word answers!  They are often thoughtful responses that can take many seconds to even a minute to accurately relay.  Some animals are also chattier than other.  Not sure how much time to book?  Email Danielle for a suggestion based on your topics or go with your gut instinct. Give yourselves the gift of time.   ♥

 Note: Danielle will not spend her time in being tested.  She sees this work as too sacred to expend time and energy in this way. 

Ready to book a session?

“Danielle was referred to us by a local holistic vet regarding our two cats who were not getting along.  I wanted to cry after our first phone conversation because I was at my wit’s end and she provided valuable insight on how to best support Joey and Antonio.  Her insights were more valuable than the behavorialist we hired to help with integration. Even though she asks for details about what is going on in the household, she was able to tell me things about the boys she could not have known.  We saw improvements as we have implemented her suggestions and will continue to work with her.  She is truly a gifted animal communicator and someone who is now a part of our healthy pet plan!”

~Julie Coraccio, NC