Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can you talk with all animals?  Both living and passed?

Yes, I can communicate with ALL animals.  Including dogs, cats, horses, rabbits, reptiles, birds, wildlife and more.  Yes, I talk with deceased animals regularly for clients and have 17 years of experience as a professional animal communicator.


2.  How is the session held?

Sessions are held live on the phone or skype.  I will call YOU if you’re within the USA.  (If you are international, choose the skype option.)


3.   How many animals can we include in a session?

Multiple animals may be scheduled into the same session, time allowing.  Prioritize your animals and topics/questions.  It’s generally more meaningful to go deeper with an animal than to rush to speak with many.  


4.   Does my animal have to be with me during the call?   Do they need to hear your voice?

No, you do not need to be with your pet during the call.  Allow them their normal routine.  Telepathic communication is a silent language.  So no, they do not need to hear my voice.


5.   What questions can I ask?

Ask whatever is on your heart and mind.  Make your question clear.   If I can’t understand your question–your animal won’t either.   Consider pre-writing a list of questions to bring to the call.  I prefer not to have them in advance, keeping my mind clear.

6.   Can we discuss my pet’s Health?

Yes, of course.  And any other topic you seek to!  Undestand their perspective is their point of view/awareness of a situation.  It’s never a diagnosis.

I am not a vet.  Animal communication is not a replacement for vet care.  (If you want to know, for example, if your pet has a bladder infection– please see your vet for a urinalysis.)

Owners are responsible for confirming what health info. a pet may bring up and are responsible for all changes they implement.

I intend to be as clear a channel as possible for your pet during our session.  My heart has immense respect for you and your animal and the life journey you/they are on.


7.   Can I record my session?

Yes!  You are welcome to record your session from your end!  Or use pen and paper for the main ideas.

Some clients put me on speaker phone and then use a hand held recorder or app on their phone or computer which serves as their recording device. 

Other clients have zoom accounts and specifically ask me if they could send me a zoom link so they can record from zoom (something they 100% set up— as I don’t offer zoom myself).  But if arranged for in advance, I’m happy to join the prearranged zoom call.

I keep it simple and only offer sessions via phone or skype.  But the advantage of a skype call is that there is a ‘record’ button on the skype screen you can hit, that keeps your recording for 30 days. 

8.   Should my spouse/friend listen in?

A session is a very special time where thoughts, feelings and honest emotions are often shared between two beings— you and your pet.  Conversations of depth often unfold when beings feel safe and are generally free of the judgements of others.

Your pet may or may not feel comfortable speaking freely knowing that someone outside their inner circle is listening in.  They may welcome your partner, spouse, friend or children on the call… or not.

Generally speaking though, if an animal feels loved by those on the call and has a relationship with them, they are likely to speak freely.  Use your judgement.

Secondly, the energy of ALL who gather on the call (whether they speak or silently listen in), can influence the overall energy and sometimes quality of the session.  No being lives in a vacuum!  And thus you, I and your pet can be influenced by the energies of other folks present.

This is fine when the energy is supportive to all, but bringing someone who does not truly want to be there or holds a ‘prove it to me’  point of view— may not be ideal.  Be selective with whom you wish to share your special conversational time with.

9.  What if I’m skeptical?

Many humans tend to be skeptical of things new to them.  (People once thought the earth was flat!)

What matters is that you are at least open minded to the possibility to that your animal has thoughts, feelings and ideas of their own, that may align or differ from your own.

If you are open minded, that’s great!  Here’s why:  The more oppeness and willingness that a client, animal and communicator all bring to the session as we converse together– the stronger and clearer the communication channel can be.

When a client (or another person listening in) brings  a  “prove it to me” attitude to the call,  this energy can sometimes create static.

My advice?  Get honest with yourself on if  you’re willing to explore something new, regrding your beloved animal.

Ready to book a session?

“Danielle was referred to us by a local holistic vet regarding our two cats who were not getting along.  I wanted to cry after our first phone conversation because I was at my wit’s end and she provided valuable insight on how to best support Joey and Antonio.  Her insights were more valuable than the behavorialist we hired to help with integration. Even though she asks for details about what is going on in the household, she was able to tell me things about the boys she could not have known.  We saw improvements as we have implemented her suggestions and will continue to work with her.  She is truly a gifted animal communicator and someone who is now a part of our healthy pet plan!”

~Julie Coraccio, NC

Book enough time.  Time flies and responses from animals are rarely one word answers!  They are often thoughtful responses that can take seconds to a minute to relay.  Not sure how much time to book?  Email me for a suggestion based on your topics or go with your gut instinct! Give yourselves the gift of time.   ♥

Note: Danielle will not spend her time being tested.  She best serves those ready and open to receiving this work. 

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