kittenAs animal owners, we sometimes worry about our pets.

Worry is an energy created by certain thoughts that we think. When we wonder or speculate that  x,y or z may happen, these very thoughts get us worked up.

When we allow our worrisome thoughts to run rampant, they begin to spin a tornado of anxiety around us. Sometimes, our worry affects others around us, such as our pets.

When asking my cat, Beetle Bailey, what it feels like when I worry about him he says, “It is uncomfortable like a heavy cloak resting upon my shoulders. The energy of your worry is often unwarranted.  I do not like it.”

So how can our own human worries get transferred to our pet?  Let’s say for example that an animal has few to no worries about an upcoming surgery.  When the animal begins to witness his or her owner worrying about the surgery, the animal may become leery of the surgery itself or worse– outright frightened.

Once an animal ‘buys into’ our human worries about them, they may have a tough time letting them go.  Science tells us the stress and anxiety impacts a body’s immune system and as animal lovers, we truly don’t mean to do this to our pets.

So instead of going down the path of worrying about your pet– catch yourself doing it, halt your thoughts and actively create NEW thoughts that are uplifting, about your animal.  This way, they will start to pick up on these thoughts!

You could think to yourself or say out loud to your pet…

  • I believe in your capacity to heal your own body
  • I trust that this food/medicine/supplement will nourish you, make you strong, relieve your pain, etc.
  • I trust the vet who is working on you
  • Your body is changing/aging/healing and you are getting stronger every second.

Aside from positive thinking (which your pet will hear), to slow the spin of worry down when you are on a rampage of negative thinking, catch yourself and imagine a stop sign in front of yourself.  Halt the thoughts in their tracks, ask the Divine to transmute them all and state a few positive thoughts related to your pet.  If you don’t allow yourself to spiral downward, you can break the habit of worry over time.

As a pet owner, you can also be very proactive in offering your pet support (vs. worry). Do this by asking the Divine/God/Universe to surround both you and your pet with the easiest, calmest and most helpful people/vets/surroundings/circumstances and energies.  Why?  Because asking for what you desire is powerful in drawing it to you and your pet.

My advice to animal loving people is to do right by your pet in being a calm and confident leader.  Model peace for them in all circumstances to the best of your ability–physically, mentally and emotionally.  Sometimes they can’t do this for themselves and this is where you can best serve them.

Take deep breaths to calm your body when worry shows up.  Watch and change your thoughts when worry shows up.  Ask and trust that the Divine is here to support you and know that the energy of love that you have for your animal is more supportive and nurturing to them than worry can ever be.