bulldogHave you ever experienced the sudden, unexpected loss of a pet?  Or still wonder if the medical treatment you pursued or the time chosen was the ‘right time’ to free your pet from its body?  Or perhaps you simply seek to know that your pet is alright now that they’re no longer by your physical side?

These questions and more often prompt clients to want to speak with their past animals.

What I’ve discovered over the years is that sometimes we humans need to come to an inner place of ‘completion’ with our deceased pets.  In other words, we seek to say what we’d not said before or seek to know that they are okay with what we chose for them.

Finding out such information can be so comforting and for some, allows the healing cycle of our hearts to begin.

One of the things that we humans struggle with upon the death of an animal is that we miss their physical presence, their beautiful bodies and the energy of who they be, leaving what might feel like a void, in the home.  You can ask your angels, guides, the energy of the Divine to come in and temporarily help hold the space so that the void does not feel as pronounced.  I’ve done this myself in the past and it made it significantly easier for me to move through the healing process.

Flower essences can also assist us and any remaining, grieving animals more easily cope with grief as well.  Bleeding Heart or Honeysuckle are two of many flower essences that can help support an aching heart.

Some fairly common trends I see with animals upon passing is that they often spend time with us after their transition into spirit, right in our own homes.  Other pets and very young children may even see them.  We adults may sense their presence.

One of the most beautiful communications I ever did was one that really confirmed for the owner that her deceased cat was still with her (in spirit form).  This particular session took place a few years ago over the phone:  The client was an older woman who lived alone and her most beloved male cat had just passed away.  She was in deep grief and it was very obvious on the call that she loved her cat immensely.

At the cat’s prompting, I explained to the owner that her cat was still with her, in his spirit body and that she was not alone.

During the session, he showed me an image of himself sitting on a wooden table surrounded by jewelry.

In relaying this image to the owner, she said that in order to keep her heating bills down that winter, she’d closed off her bedroom and was essentially living in the rest of the house.  She had moved her jewelry from the bedroom onto her kitchen table.  As there was no way that I had prior knowledge of this, her cat was clearly demonstrating that he was still with her, sitting amongst her jewelry, right there on her kitchen table.

I once had another client’s dog tell her he would send her a certain type of flower. She ended up getting a greeting card immediately after the session with this type of flower on the front. Other clients find the ‘gifts’ of their pet’s fur in unlikely places in the home over a year after the pet transitioned.

Know that you can ask your pets to leave you signs to assure you that they’re okay.  Some people receive these in the form of dreams or in unexpected synchronicities.  To get these signs just ask it of you deceased animal out loud.  They will hear you.

Grief is a process.  It has its own unique timing for each of us (and for any of our pets that go through it). Know that the joy and laughter your pet brought you over the years is often well worth the temporary price of grief because what if to have known love is far better than to have never known it at all?

Danielle Tremblay

P.S. Below is a video on how to sense a deceased pet.