Energy Work FAQ’s


Do you offer energy work to dogs, cats and horses?

Yes, I offer energy work to all species remotely.  I do request a photo of your pet.

How long does a distance energy session last? 

Ten minutes.  Since animals ‘fill up’ faster than most humans when it comes to their ease and openness to receiving Divine Source energy, I follow the animal’s lead as far as how much energy they’re seeking in a session— which tends to be anywhere from 7-10ish minutes for the average animal.  So for that reason I offer 10 minute sessions.

How much is a 10 minute energy work session?

A 10 minute session is $20.

What kind of energy do you work with?

I have been a reiki master for 12+ years and an Emergence Care energy worker for 5 years and with that said, these days, the energy I utilize is different than these two more commonly known ones.

These days, I just simply go to pure Divine Source itself (God’s loving energy) and work with Source energy directly.

Is Source energy better than other energy modalities?

No, I do not believe that one energy is any better than another.  They’re just different.

It is my experience that different energetic practitioners simply resonate with certain energetic vibrations of energy more so than others.  I happen to resonate (work best) these days with Source energy itself which is why I use it when offering energy work to animals.


Will you be talking with my animal during the 10 minute session (like you do during animal communication phone sessions)?

No, there will be little to no dialogue outside of getting their attention and calling them in to be present for the session.  You see, an energy work session is a time where an offering of energy is happening.  I hold a quiet mind during this time.  Animals do too.

If you ARE looking to dialogue with your pet, then what you are wanting is an animal communication session found here.


Is my animal willing to receive energy work from you?

Excellent question!  Since I can telepath with animals already, I have potential clients email me their pet’s photo, name, age, breed and gender before they prepay— so I can ask your animal friend FIRST and find out.   I let you know their interest level in a reply (no cost to you) email.   If they say yes, you are sent a payment link in that same email and we proceed.


Should I schedule time with you for the session for my pet

No, that’s not necessary.  I do the energy work from my home on my own time within 24-48hrs of receipt of your payment.

How will I know when the session is complete?

Once a session is completed, I send you an email with a recording enclosed.

At the beginning of the 10 minute recording you will hear me state the date and time.  You’ll also hear me call your animal in and say an opening prayer which starts the energy running.  At the end of the recording you will hear me thank the animal and close the session.

In between the start and end times you will find that the recording is filled with silence because offering them energy does not require conversation.

Possible rare sounds may include sounds of my own dog and cat family moving around my office, lapping water, etc. as I work.


How many animals can I include in a single session?

It can be 1 or more.  Do you have an entire herd of cattle or flock of chickens?  Just ensure I have a photo of the main animal and any additonal others you wish to inlcude— be sure to inlcude their names too. I’ll have those photos on screen during the energy work session.

When it comes to my checking in on who is willing to receive, I will check in with 1 main animal of your choosing when you initially email me.  Not with the others.  As long as that 1 animal will receive the energy, we have at least one willing receiver and so we’re good to go.  Other animals will be invited to the energy work by name (please provide those) at the start of the session to receive (or not) as they prefer.  But just the main animal will be asked directly before you pay and the energy work offered.


What does your opening prayer of intention say when doing the energy work with my pet?

In a nutshell, my prayer of intention invites forth Divine truth, love and light to unfold,  grow and expand and for Divine energy from Source (aka God) to work with me and through me and with your animal in whatever way is for your animal’s greatest and highest good.

Because I trust that an animal’s soul and the animal themsleves know better than I what they need from the high vibrational loving energy from Source, I personally don’t aim to heal any particular body part—I rather just trust the intelligence of the energy and that of your pet/pet’s soul in utilizing it in whatever way they feel is most perfect for them.  In this way, I keep my human ego out of trying to create or effect any energy work or healing.  Doing so lets the animal work directly with Source energy.

My intention during the 10 minutes is to be a pure, high vibrational offerer of the energy, without attachment to a specific outcome (which your animal and their soul always dictates anyway).

By being present and unattached, I can be of highest service when offering this energy work.


I’m READY to request energy work for my pet!

Great!  Then email me to let me know of your interest.  

   insightwithanimals (at) 

Email me 1 pet’s name, age, breed, gender and photo.  This is the main pet I’ll ask (at no cost to you) to see if they’re open to receiving the energy work.

If they say yes, I’ll then invite you to email me any additional names and photos of other pets (if any) you seek included in the same 10 minute session (no additinal cost for any other animals in the same session).

Once you’ve emailed me all the photos and names, then go ahead and pay the $20 for the 10 minute session, via the link I’ll provide in my reply email.

Then allow 24-48 hrs for the session to be conducted and look for your link to your recording after completion. 

That’s it!