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When it comes to booking a session, doing so on the booking page is preferred when possible.  Trouble booking?  Call and leave a message on my office phone at 864-840-8225, 9am-8pm ET.

Do know that 99% of my sessions are done by phone or skype, revealing the same valuable information that an in-person session would offer.  This work is not based on seeing body language or a being in the flesh, it’s much deeper than that.  I work with USA and international-based clients. ♥

As of January 2019, I have relocated to the Greenville, South Carolina area (after having lived in Colorado for 9 years).  I am now in the Eastern Time Zone.  

“Probably the most interesting thing was what Cricket said [after she passed] about the Universe sending me that song.  I believe in a loving universe, and I see signs and magic nearly every day. That was such a big one.  It was so right on, and confirmed that Cricket will always be with me. It makes me happy to know that the general universe connects us all and has our backs.
—Also, it always blows my mind when you can describe what my homes look like from what my cats are showing you!  Such a relief and joy and communicate with my girls, especially my sweet Cricket.”
Christie, UT

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