Cancellation/Refund/Missed Appointments Policy

Effective 10-19-2019. Updated 2-7-2023.

Dear Clients,

I truly value working with you and for you.  I appreciate your respect for my time, my work and my business.  As with any business, having a transparent cancellation and refund policy in place is simply a good business practice.

By scheduling time with me or making a purchase of any kind (including for a workshop/class/training, session, coaching/mentoring, gift certificate, animal communication practice, etc.) you are agreeing to adhere to my cancellation/refund policy as stated below.   ~Danielle Tremblay

Our Reschedule and Cancellation Policy…

Which applies to clients who book time with Danielle for sessions with their animal(s), private coaching and/or 1:1 animal communication training. 

If you need to reschedule your booked appointment with Danielle for any reason and it is more than 24 hours away from your appointment start time, you may do so by going to your original booking email.  In that email, near the bottom, is the option to click on the ‘edit/view appointment details’ link.  Follow the prompts which lets you rechoose a new booking date while saving all your booking notes and photos. 

-Alternatively, if it is 24 hours or more away from your appointment and you prefer to cancel (instead of rebooking), then email us indicating so.   You will receive a refund minus a $30.00 cancellation fee.

Email:  Insightwithanimals@

If it is less than 24 hours away from the start of your appointment time and you are unable to keep your appointment for whatever reason (with or without notification), understand no refund will be given.  No rescheduling option will be permitted.  Our time together was reserved for you. It’s simpy a fact that it’s too short a notice for me to reschedule someone into your time slot last minute.

Now, if you are within the USA (does not apply to folks outside the USA due to time zone differences and complexities) you are welcome in this last minute situation to see if you can find a friend or family member to gift your prepaid session to— so that they may have a session with their own pet. 

Your recipient must be able to accept the exact appointed date and time slot you scheduled yourself for as Danielle’s work schedule is set for the day.  

You would need to connect with Danielle and the session recipient on this endeavor with enough time so that Danielle would be emailed the recipient’s full name, phone number, their animals’ info. and photo at least 2 hours before your scheduled session start time.  

Understand therefore, this option may truly only be practical to you for people you know within the same time zone as yourself.

Such an arrangement with any recipient and Danielle must be in place at least 2 hours before your session was to take place. 

For missed appointments or no shows, no refund will be given. All payment will be forfeited.

Understand that if a client joins a call late, you may only be given the remaining unused call time still available within your time slot, vs. the entire amount of time you booked for, at Danielle’s discretion. This means your missed minutes would be forfeited and unrefundable.

Any length of time still available to a late showing client would be determined by Danielle’s schedule and other clients scheduled behind the late arriving client.    

A general note on refunds…

If a client is unhappy with the unfolding animal communication session and makes it clear to me during the session, I am happy to end the session and refund the unused time on a pro-rated basis.

If a client does not speak up during their session but instead expresses any unhappiness after the session has concluded, no refund will be given as the work has been completed.

Understand there are no refunds given for specialty purchases such as Gift Certificates purchases, Black Friday Deal Purchases or Energy Work purchases.

When it comes to workshop classes, zoom classes and/or Teleclasses of any type, the refund policy will be noted on the form you complete when submitting payment.