Welcome to the Booking Page!

Are you a new client?–view the FAQ’s page before booking.

Booking Directions:  

–  If you want to book a session for yourself: Do step #1 and #2.

– Once you pick a date and time online, a form will come up where you’ll choose one of the following:

1. If you are in the USA, I will call you at the number you provide for your session.

2. Or we can skype (For USA or International clients). Using the audio feature, not the video.

–  If you are redeeming a gift certificate:  Then only do Step #1 and you’re done!

–  If you want to purchase a gift certificate then only do step #2. Follow up with an email to me at: insightwithanimals(at) hotmail.com with the recipient’s name and your email.  You can then forward the e-gift certificate to them or print it out to hand to them.  Gift certificates are good for 1 year.

 Phone/Skype Session Rates
20 minute   $88
30 minute    $130
45 minute    $160
60 minute    $190

Upcoming ZOOM ‘Learn Animal Communication’ Class!  April 20-21, 2024  Click for details

Step #1:   Booking

Schedule yourself into the booking box below.

Note:  20 minute sessions are best for brief rechecks or only when you have a few questions.

For 2 (or more) pets or behavior situations, choose 30-6o minutes.

After completing step #1, return to this  page to do step #2.  Kindly do these steps back to back as this is what secures you appointment.   

Step #2:   Prepayment

If you have scheduled in the calendar and received email confirmation of your selected date and time, you’re now ready to submit prepayment.

Select the time frame from the dropdown box and then click the paypal button.  Understand that by submitting payment you are agreeing to the refund/cancellation policy.
Choose an option below…
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