Welcome to the Booking Page!

Are you a new client?– please read the FAQ’s page before booking.

Booking Directions:  

–  If you want to book a session for yourself: Do step #1 and #2.

–  If you are redeeming a gift certificate:  Then only do Step #1.

–  If you want to purchase a gift certificate:  Then only do step #2 followed by an email to me via the contact page with the recipient’s name.

Step #1:   Booking

Utilize the booking box below.  This step is separate from the payment step (#2).

A recording of your session will be emailed to you within 24hrs of your call at no additional fee.

Helpful Tip:  15 minute sessions are appropriate for brief rechecks or when you only have a few straight forward questions for one animal.  Multiple animals or behavior issues (litter box issues, aggression, etc. need more time than 15 minutes.

After booking, please return to this website page to do step #2, prepayment.  Doing so back to back saves me time in emailing folks a reminder to do so and is much appreciated!   🙂

Step #2:   Prepayment

Select the time frame from the dropdown box and click the ‘Buy Now’ paypal button.  This finalizes and holds your preselected calendar date from step #1!

Choose an option below…

Dear Clients,   

I am excited to be moving into my new home in South Carolina and therefor will be taking off from Jan 16-31st. 

Please see my February calendar of availability if January is all booked up and thus shows few to zero availability.  There IS availability in February.  ~Danielle  

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