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Healing Our Grief with Passed Animals

Have you ever experienced the sudden, unexpected loss of a pet?  Or still wonder if the medical treatment you pursued or the time chosen was the 'right time' to free your pet from its body?  Or perhaps you simply seek to know that your pet is alright now that they're...

A communication session is an act of love because you’re willing to open, ask and listen.  To listen in order to understand is simply beautiful.  It can move hearts.

Did you know?

Sometimes animal communicators are referred to as animal intuitives, pet psychics or animal whisperers.  Some folks refers to sessions as pet readings.

Regardless of the label for the work we do, this work connects humanity with animals on a very deep level.  Animal communication is one step forward in bridging the gap in cultivating more understanding, harmony and compassion between species.

It can be deeply moving work for all involved.  Listening to understand vs. to critique or to judge is expansive.

In a nutshell, animal communication is sacred work.  Spiritual work.  It is sacred to connect, listen and truly understand.  One heart to another.

~Danielle Tremblay

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