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Communication with a Dinosaur

In 2003 in the state of Wyoming, a fossilized skeleton of a stegosaurus of unknown gender was discovered in a cave and given the name "Sophie". Her skeleton is unique in that is is 85% intact and is one of the most complete skeletons ever found. By using her bones as...

Animal Communication with a Shelter Dog

An animal communication phone session with Yukon the pit/hound mix was  conducted by phone in June 2014. Yukon was up for adoption at the MCSPCA in NY at the time.  Jan, who sits on the board of the MCSPCA welcomed having his session shared publically. She asked him...

How to Assist a Shy Pet

Are you the owner of a shy pet? While an animal communication session can reveal the reasons why your particular pet is shy and offer suggestions unique to your pet and situation, this video talks about 3 general suggestions any open minded animal lover can do. Watch...

Getting Free of My Fear of Spiders

I remember being a child and being very afraid of spiders. It did not matter how small or large they were, they terrified me. It certainly didn't help that my sister would pick up a spider in a tissue and chase me around the house with it too. Until three years ago, I...

Teddy the Cat: A Session Recording

  Teddy the elderly cat was trapped in a TNR (trap, neuter, release program).  Vicki (his foster person) had many questions for him about his life on the streets prior to coming to her.  She granted permission to share her animal communication phone session...

How Worry Can Impact Your Pet

As animal owners, we sometimes worry about our pets. Worry is an energy created by certain thoughts that we think. When we wonder or speculate that  x,y or z may happen, these very thoughts get us worked up. When we allow our worrisome thoughts to run rampant, they...

A communication session is an act of love because you’re willing to open, ask and listen.  To listen in order to understand is simply beautiful.  It can move hearts.

Did you know?

Sometimes animal communicators are referred to as animal intuitives, pet psychics or animal whisperers.  Some folks refers to sessions as pet readings.

Regardless of the label for the work we do, this work connects humanity with animals on a very deep level.  Animal communication is one step forward in bridging the gap in cultivating more understanding, harmony and compassion between species.

It can be deeply moving work for all involved.  Listening to understand vs. to critique or to judge is expansive.

In a nutshell, animal communication is sacred work.  Spiritual work.  It is sacred to connect, listen and truly understand.  One heart to another.

~Danielle Tremblay

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