About Danielle

I did not grow up knowing I could speak with animals or that animals could talk. Rather, it was a learned skill that I discovered in 2005.

As a child I observed animals with immense interest.  I so valued the array of dogs, cats, rabbits, hamsters, etc. that graced my life. As a teen I read and wrote unpublished books about fantastical magical creatures and drew pictures of animals with great interest.

I attended college and graduated with a degree in veterinary technology and worked in the field for 5 years at two small animal clinics in Pennsylvania, an SPCA and later an animal emergency clinic in upstate NY. At this phase of my life I was still unaware of the animal communication field.

I later entered graduate school to pursue a NY state teaching degree in public education to satisfy an inner desire to teach and taught 8th grade science for six years while continuing to vet tech on weekends.

In 2005 my ‘ordinary’ life changed– all just by asking a question! During my second year teaching I recall walking through my apartment one day and saying, “There has to be something more to life than this! More than work, eat sleep and work again! But what is it and why am I here?”  This question stirred up the energy of the Universe and the Universe responded– offering a plethora of metaphysical and energetic topics to explore.  I began having conversations with key people placed in my path that were of a spiritual nature and began learning about energy work and many metaphysical topics.  I became intensely curious about life and my role in the spectrum of it all.

“Danielle, I cannot thank you enough for our reading with our 2 passed dogs!  There were things you relayed that only Montana could’ve known, keywords and nicknames that I never mentioned to you.

We have a sense of relief knowing that our boys are together, happy, and at peace.

What you do is amazing and we will never be able to thank you enough!”

 ~Wendy and Dave, NY

During this same time, an acquaintance relayed that she intuitively foresaw me ‘talking with thousands of animals’.  I had never heard of such a skill.  Yet later that night when I googled ‘people talking to animals’ I discovered that there was such a field of work and it was called ‘animal communication’.

With great interest, I hired a communicator and experienced an amazing phone session with my own animals. I then pursued formal training in the field for myself.

I passionately knew even before I took my first animal communcation class back in 2005, that this would become career.  I was just so drawn to it.

By mid  2006 I began offering this work professionally, outside of my regular day job as a teacher.  By 2009 I left teaching to do this work full time and continue to do so to this day. 

I am  in love with the amazing people and animals that this work draws:  open minded, honest and caring folks who seek ready for deeper experiences.

To this day I am grateful to my animal teachers and human mentors, Kristin Thompson, Amelia Kinkade, Dawn Hayman and Penelope Smith.   ♥

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Danielle lives in beautiful South Carolina, USA.

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