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Animal Communication with Danielle Tremblay

Ever wonder what your animal was thinking or feeling? Animal communication is a down to earth, practical tool that allows you to ask your pet questions about any area of their life.  Everyday pet owners who care about their animal’s preferences and well-being are asking their pets questions related to their…

  • Body and Wellness
  • Actions/Behaviors
  • Feelings/Emotions/Viewpoint
  • Preferences, Interests, Relationships
  • End of Life Decisions/Afterlife Questions

How it works

With over 16 years of experience, Danielle holds 99% of her animal communication sessions over the phone or by skype (if international).  She works with all species, living and passed. Clients schedule into the online booking calendar and email photos of their animals in advance of the call.  Clients bring their questions live to the call.

The Purpose of any Session

The purpose is to be in clear communication with your animal on topics important to you both. This may include giving them a heads-up on life changes or requesting their perspective on an issue you’d like more insight into.  Perhaps you seek to support an aging pet or inquire about their history? Their are no topics too big or too small.

A communication session is an opportunity to discover more about who your animal is and their perceptions and wisdom on the topics you ask them about (or they initiate).  Sessions offer new information (on top of what you likely already know), giving you both the chance to know more truth, grow more and/or explore change together.

Communicating with an animal is a respectful way of knowing more about them and what is important or concerning to them.  So you can lend your support in helping them have a more joyous life experience.

The Value of Listening

Really listening with your heart on what your animal’s perspective is, can open new doors, oppportunities and/or awarenesses as a pet owner!  How so?  Well, in the light of new information your learn from them, you may be inspired to speak to them in a new way, BE with them in a new way or take new supportive actions.  This may happen for them as well!  Potentially allowing old ways of being that don’t serve one or both of you to drift away, allowing in more space for change.

The Value of Asking “Why” Questions

Before asking a pet to, ‘Please stop doing such and such.” know that their is an even bigger and better question to ask first.  Be curious and ask, “Why are you doing such and such?”

Their response may surprise you or totally make sense!  Regardless, it may inspire you to a new thought or new idea you would like to share with your pet.  Potentially allowing you both to co-create something new.

The Direction of the Conversation

An animal communication session is a conversation you and your pet are having with each other.  I, Danielle, serve as the translator in helping you communicate with one another.

You are asked to bring your questions live to the call.  I will follow your lead on the questions you wish to ask them while also keeping an open ear to anything your animal might initiate.  Facilitating a session in this way allows me to honor you both.

You and Your Animal are a Team

When it comes to solution seeking,  their is value to you and your animal working together as a team and respecting each other’s unique perspectivesDemands are generally ineffective because they come from coercsion and not from love.  Effective communication is approached in the same way you might talk with your human best friend, from a place of genuine love, truth, curiousity, explanation, planting the seeds of new ideas and/or trying something new.

Who Danielle Best Serves

The client that I best serve is one who is open minded and open hearted to this work.  Additionally, a client who is emotionally willing and able to converse on the call with their pet (I translate for you both of course) as such clients are in a potentially more empowered position than one who is not.  This is because your pet values your thoughts and input when you voice them.  As in any well meaning relationship, it takes two– you and them (and myself as the bridge in this case).  I will offer my input as feels right.

Thank you for the invaluable insight you have provided my family regarding our horses health and well being. One of our horses experienced lameness on and off for over three years. We tried stall rest, injections, imaging, medications, etc. As time lapsed and our expenses increased exponentially, we decided to troubleshoot with Danielle in seek of an alternate solution. Our findings led us down a drastically different path and I am pleased to share that 9 months later our horse is in excellent health with a fraction of the cost. Danielle, you are a special woman and we are forever grateful for your ability to communicate with our animals.

Rachel, CO

What Clients Are Saying:

“Coco is doing a lot better and I’d say she is back to her old self. The information from our session was so useful. I brought it to the holistic vet and she confirmed it and proceeded to act on it. In fact, we just had a 2 week follow up with her last week and while she still has some dampness in her body and is a picky eater (unusual for a beagle) the doctor has a plan to help Coco clear up the dampness. I have been telling many people how helpful you were.”   ~Debra, CA
“Do people usually get that much out of a reading with you??? I feel like the reading flowed so nicely… no pauses and not a lot of questions from you… just SO MUCH wonderful information from them!!! It was incredible!!!  As far as the messages from Spirit Jake.. they simply make my heart sing! I was crying tears of joy when I hung up the phone with you. Just to know that he is around and is getting enjoyment from watching our “fiasco” brings me so much comfort and joy!”    ~Sherri, NY

“I am so appreciative of my family’s session with you, Danielle!  Not a day goes by that we don’t think of the things we learned through you, and treat Kirby and Sapphire a little differently because of it. In fact, I’d say we think of those things many times a day, every time we interact with them!  Besides the helpful information, there is something about your manner that made it so fun and brings a warm, loving tone as we dote on Kirby and Sapphire and notice their personalities, what they want and why they do things, in the ways you helped us understand.”    ~Julie, AZ

“Whoever your teacher was I would like to thank her too, for blossoming you into an AMAZING professional animal and human communicator. You are truly meant to do this work and I am so grateful to have found you! I would refer you to anyone I know with great confidence.”  ~ Teri, FL
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