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Communication with a Dinosaur

In 2003 in the state of Wyoming, a fossilized skeleton of a stegosaurus of unknown gender was discovered in a cave and given the name “Sophie”.

Her skeleton is unique in that is is 85% intact and is one of the most complete skeletons ever found. By using her bones as a launch point, I reached out to communicate with the being that once inhabited this particular body.  Read the rest of this entry

How Being in a Rush Creates Anxiety in Animals

white horseDuring a session, a client asked her horse how he felt about the bodyworker he’d recently experienced.  The horse commented that the person themself had been ‘ok’ but that their was ‘rushing energy’ involved that the horse did not care for at all.  

He explained that having this person rush (hurry) around his physical body was disconcerting because such energy to him felt like the energy of ‘fight or flight’.

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