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How to Assist a Shy Pet

Are you the owner of a shy pet?

While an animal communication session can reveal the reasons why your particular pet is shy and offer suggestions unique to your pet and situation, this video talks about 3 general suggestions any open minded animal lover can do.


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How to Invite Your Pets to Bond with You

Animal Communication Tip:

Inviting Your Pets to Bond with You


The Benefit of Purring: From the Cats Themselves


Eliza, my 12 yr old cat

During a recent session, Tonto the cat was explaining to his person that when he lays upon her chest and purrs, he is content but is also purring to increase the blood perfusion to the cells of his gastrointestinal tract.

Tonto further explains, “‘When I purr, I activate a particular frequency within my body that has a powerful effect on my cells.  My purr can boost my immune system temporarily and can increase the blood flow to my heart, teeth/gums, lungs and other specific areas like the intestines.  I don’t specifically tell the vibration of my purr what to do with the blood in my body, it just takes care of things naturally.”   Read the rest of this entry

How Worry Can Impact Your Pet

DSCN4877As animal owners, we sometimes worry about our pets.

Worry is an energy created by certain thoughts that we think. When we wonder or speculate that  x,y or z may happen, these very thoughts get us worked up.  

When we allow our worrisome thoughts to run rampant, they begin to spin a tornado of anxiety around us. Sometimes, our worry affects others around us, such as our pets. Read the rest of this entry

Animal Communication Tips to Reduce Excessive Barking

Does your house dog bark too much? Sometime our pets need to be retrained or we need to step up and be the leader in a new way… and sometimes it’s as simple as clarifying out loud our expectations of our dog.

Today I share some basic tips on how YOU can communicate out loud with your dog on what you desire (and don’t) in the barking arena.   Read the rest of this entry

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