How to Get the Most out of Your Session:

1.  Be prepared with questions that you genuinely want to know of your pet. No question is too big or small to ask.

2.  Understand that having no questions just to see what your pet can come up during your session may not prove to be as satisfying as if you’d asked questions.

3.  Feel welcomed in being an active (speaking) and not passive (silent) participant during your session.  Do jump in with new questions, comments and pertinent information as the session unfolds.  Your pet values communicating actively with you.

4.  Ask ‘to the point’, clear questions rather than cryptic ones.  An open, honest and direct line of questioning and communication demonstrates partnership between you, your pet and Danielle.

5.  Understand that general questions lead to a general session.  Specific questions lead to more specific responses from your pet.  Asking  “How are you?” is a general question while “How are you doing following your leg surgery last month?” is more specific and will yield a different response from your pet.

6.  Enjoy this special time with your animals.  It’s a chance to experience them in a deeper way!

 Danielle will not spend her time in being tested.  She sees this work as sacred and respects you and your pet too much to go down this path.  


FAQ’s for First Time Clients:

~Danielle works with living and passed animals of all species for clients across the USA and beyond.

~Multiple animals can be scheduled into a single phone session.

~During your session, allow your animal to do their normal routine such as eating, sleeping, playing, etc.

~Know that where your animals are located during the call relative to you (or me) does not influence the session.

~Understand that animal communication is never a replacement for veterinary care. Danielle is not a veterinarian and does not diagnose, treat or prescribe for an animal.

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