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Getting Free of My Fear of Spiders

DSCN5694I remember being a child and being very afraid of spiders. It did not matter how small or large they were, they terrified me. It certainly didn’t help that my sister would pick up a spider in a tissue and chase me around the house with it too.

Until three years ago, I basically avoided them at all costs. Growing up, in my college years and in my twenties, I now regret that I would throw books on them to kill them if there was nobody else around whom I could call to get them for me.

My biggest concern was that they would jump on me and ‘get’ me.  While some people react to snakes, bats or mice (none of which alarm me) the spider species was my personal hurdle.

When I first began learning animal communication in 2005, I certainly had no specific plans on releasing my spider fears. It took six years but I was able to release my fear quite naturally me even trying to ‘work on it’. Read the rest of this entry

How to Invite Your Pets to Bond with You

Animal Communication Tip:

Inviting Your Pets to Bond with You