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Animal Communication Tips to Reduce Excessive Barking

Does your house dog bark too much? Sometime our pets need to be retrained or we need to step up and be the leader in a new way… and sometimes it’s as simple as clarifying out loud our expectations of our dog.

Today I share some basic tips on how YOU can communicate out loud with your dog on what you desire (and don’t) in the barking arena.   Read the rest of this entry

Sometimes Change for our Pets is just a ‘Thought Away’!


Dog and Cat

Ever notice how we as humans tend to ‘know what we know’ and ‘think what we think’?  And to expand into a new perspective or to see from a different viewpoint isn’t necessarily all that easy on our own?

Isn’t it interesting that it’s suddenly easy for us to expand our horizons once we hear or read about another’s viewpoint.  Read the rest of this entry